Billiard Congress of America: 2012-2013 Board of Directors

Officers/Executive Committee: 

Ivan Lee
Iwan Simonis, Inc.

Mike Serra
Vice Chairman
Championship, LLC

Chris Kuntz

RAM Gameroom

Tony Stick
The Billiard Factory


Carl Galante, Classic Cue Billiards (Buffalo), 716-684-4644


Jonathan Goudeau, Indoor Recreation Company, 337.984.1625


Cris Gould, Legacy Billiards, 901.316.1326


Brian Rosselli, Olhausen Mfg, 615.440.1240

Chance Pack, Champion Shuffleboard, 817.284.3499

Upcoming BCA Board Meetings:

March, 2014: Louisville, KY

Previous BCA Board Meetings:

November, 2010: Colorado

February, 2010: Colorado

April, 2010: Colorado

July, 2010: Nevada (BCA Officer Elections)

August 31 - September 1, 2010: Colorado

February, 2011: Arizona

April, 2011: Illinois

July, 2011: Nevada (BCA Officer Elections)

September, 2011:  Colorado

July 2012: Chicago (BCA Officer Elections)

October, 2012: Colorado

March, 2013: Chicago/Schaumburg

October, 2013: Colorado

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